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Stanford is committed to you and to offering a competitive benefits package to meet your needs and that of your family's. As a matter of fact, your benefits at Stanford represent almost 30% of your total compensation.

From wide-ranging health and life coverage to attractive investment savings programs for your future to child care assistance and tuition grant benefits, Stanford strives to offer a benefits program befitting this world-class institution. (You'll also find the benefits links in the Medical & Life section of the Benefits web site.) Make sure you know what your benefits are, how to enroll, and how to make changes moving forward!

Other "perks" of working at a world-class institution, ranging from use of our outstanding recreational/athletic facilities to financial support for your continued learning to free use of our full service recycling center are also highlighted.

Learn about your benefits

  • Compare Plans and Costs
    The Benefits website has comparison charts for our medical and dental plans, as well as their costs, and the Educated Chooser tool to calculate your health care costs:
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
    Set aside a portion of your pre-tax paycheck for eligible health care or dependent day care expenses, and learn about the child care subsidy grant.
    • Make use of the FSA Forms in the Benefits Resource Library
  • Retirement Savings Plans
    Learn how tax deferred contributions can build a larger savings account today through the Stanford Contributory Retirement Plan on the Benefits website.

At any time during your employment (including before you arrive), you can contact Stanford Benefits by email, online request form, or by telephone.

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Benefits resources on the Stanford Benefits Website

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Enroll in your desired plans

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Maximize your benefits: Managing and making changes

During Open Enrollment in the Fall you'll have the chance to make changes to your benefits. But if you experience certain "life events," you may be able to make changes to your health and welfare benefits without having to wait. The Benefits website can help you to:

Learn more about qualifying life events and what they mean to you.

Learn about the maximum IRS annual retirement contribution limits, investment options, and distribution options available in the retirement savings plans.

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It's pretty "sweet" to be connected with Stanford! Stanford Sweeteners presents the "sweetest" perks and rewards of being affiliated with Stanford, from discounts and incentives to facilities access and professional development.

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Special Programs

  • The Health Improvement Program (HIP) and Be Well @ Stanford offer an array of exercise and healthy living classes, events, online resources, and an employee incentive program to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stanford University Occupational Health Center cares for the occupational health needs of Stanford University faculty and staff, and is dedicated to providing outstanding clinical care to improve the health and safety of university employees. Any employee of Stanford University can use the center for work related issues.
  • The Career Counseling Network offers individual guidance, coaching, and counseling with a professional counselor for your career planning needs. The Staff Training Assistance Program can be used for fees up to an annual maximum. The Owning Your Career at Stanford program offers you ways to explore the myriad of career options available at Stanford.
  • On-site Child Care Programs are offered, including day care and nursery school.
  • The Stanford Commute Club rewards employees who use alternative transportation instead of purchasing a long-term parking permit.  By joining the program, commuters receive Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit, Zipcar driving credit, Enterprise Rent-A-Car vouchers, and back to topautomatic enrollment in the Emergency Ride Home program.   


continued learning support

As a committed professional, you'll want to take advantage of the support Stanford offers its employees, whether to gain job-related skills, get a degree, or just soak up some new knowledge. In addition, there are several Educational Assistance Programs for eligible employees.

Skills Development/Training Opportunities

  • The Training Opportunities Guide (TOG) includes workshops, classes, online learning and other training options specifically for staff, and is delivered quarterly where you get your ID mail. View the pdf version online in Axess; click the STARS (Training) tab.
  • Complete the Training Needs Assessment tool on the STARS (Training) tab in Axess to identify the required training (see the Action Steps section of this site for more details). In discussions with your manager, identify required, recommended, and developmental training.
  • Information Technology Services' listing of key training providers on campus can help you identify training providers that deliver topics that could be useful to your continued learning.

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Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP)

  • Immediately upon your hire into a benefits-eligible position at 50% time or more, are training funds of up to $800 for regular employees and $700.00 for employees who are covered by the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement . Effective FY13, $100 of STAP funds for employees covered by the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) are reallocated for the Apprenticeship Program (see CBA for more information). STAP funds can be used for on or off campus training and development that's approved by your supervisor. Going to a conference? Want to take a Stanford Continuing Studies course? Taking an adult education course? Learning a new software program through ITS Tech Training? All of these are examples of ways you could use your STAP funds. STAP funds are renewed each September 1st for the new fiscal year (9/1 to 8/31). Talk to your manager!

    • Login to Axess to check your STAP Balance at any time; click the STARS (Training) tab and the STAP Balance link.
  • See all the details about STAP, the Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program (STRP) and the Tuition Grant Program (TGP) on the Educational Assistance Programs website.

Stanford Continuing Studies

  • Open to all in the Stanford community and neighboring cities, courses are taught by Stanford faculty and instructors and offered evenings and weekends or online.
  • Subject areas include liberal arts and sciences, such as learning to speak a new language, studying films, writing, acting, and screen writing courses, and more. Visit the Stanford Continuing Studies site.

Audit a Stanford academic course

  • Academic courses are typically offered during the day on a quarterly basis. If you work during the day, you must have managerial approval, and then must get the instructor of the course to approve you to audit.
  • Auditing is free, with no academic credits, but the chance to learn what Stanford students are learning could be useful to your work.
  • Check with the Registrar's Office for full details.
  • Print out the academic course application form (pdf).

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Valuable Campus Services

Many departments offer services or programs you might want to use—the main campus is the size of a small town, so check out these websites!

  • Have a stress-free commute to your new job by checking out all your transportation options, from vanpooling to commuter buses, free ride matching services for carpooling, or use the car sharing service, Zipcar (Stanford has more Zipcars than any other campus in America). There's even a car rental agency, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, on the main campus.
  • Banking institutions with offices or ATMs on campus.
  • The Office for Religious Life offers concerts, services, a walking labyrinth, and the opportunity to get married in historic Memorial Church.
  • Surplus Sales offers items that campus departments are getting rid of, at inexpensive prices—everything from computers to desk chairs to lab glassware.
  • The Recycling Center is a full recycling facility that is open to the public for free, so bring items on the weekend!
  • Tresidder Student Union has a variety of services, including ATMs and banking offices, a hair salon, the Stanford Ticket Office, an awesome bike shop, as well as great places to eat.

An informal site called SAVE (Stanford Administrators Vendors Exchange) lists vendors for various services, from a notary to shuttle services, might be useful once you're here and want a quick way to look up recommended vendors. The listings are from staff trying to help other staff and are not official recommendations.

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